Jaaxy – The Keyword Tool for Internet Businesses

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Jaaxy is the Keyword Tool Most Used by New Entrepreneurs


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Why is Jaaxy the best?

Every day there are over 500 million New Search terms being created.

It is imperative to have a tool that can find the perfect Keywords for your niche.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION  (SEO) is everything to your business. Without it, your chances of attracting customers are not very likely.

Finding the Right Keywords is the first step. In fact, Jaaxy can help you find the perfect niche and help you choose a Domain Name that will give you a boost right from the start.

Jaaxy is The Tool for the job.

Jaaxy will take the keyword you enter and do several searches for you

Jaaxy gives you the power to search for any keyword and will give you associated words and rank them according to:

  1. AVG – Popularity- Monthly searches – the number of searches per month
  2. Traffic – The number of times the term may be searched if the term ranks in the first Google page
  3.  QSR – The number of sites using the term
  4. KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator
  5.  SEO – The ranking of the search term on the search engines
  6.  Domain Search – search for Domains with this keyword


Why are Keywords so Important?

Keywords are the foundation of your website SEO (Search Engine Optomization)

Right from the very start you want to find a Domain that is a good fit for your niche. Jaaxy can show you many such names, as well as if the names are available.

The best choice is usually a dot.com describing what your site represents, but depending on your niche one of the others might also be a good fit.

Once you have chosen your Domain and purchased it. There are many Domain Name Hosts, but the one I use and recommend highly is  Bluehost ,   Or if you have joined Wealthy Affiliate    you may choose one of the free ones they offer.

In any case you will now have to obtain web hosting,  Bluehost offers inexpensive webhosting and Wealthy Affiliate includes free webhosting, with their starter package, both by Word Press, the most popular blogging platform in the world. They also offer platforms for online businesses and other applications.

Wealthy Affiliate . includes all the information you will need to do these things in their free starter package, in easy to follow video and text format

Now you are ready to begin building out your content. You can choose to do this in different ways, blogging is one way, but there are many more ways to add content.

In any event, everything you publish MUST have keywords to be ranked by the search engines (SEO). Not just any words are effective and that’s where Jaaxy  comes back into play.

Using Jaaxy you can get multiple keywords and see exactly how they will rank, as well as the competition and the number of times searches are made using those words.

Jaaxy is not free although Wealthy Affiliate does offer 30 Jaaxy searches with it’s starter package. The pricing schedule is shown below:


Jaaxy pricing

In Conclusion:

You will find Jaaxy invaluable in your online entrepreneurial endeavors, and well worth the cost.

I am positive you will become successful using this tool and some others I will be explaining in other presentations.

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