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The Wealthy Affiliate Training Program

Learn How to Prepare To Start Your Online Business

Here is a video walkthrough of the program:

It is Not a Get Rich scheme  or a scam of any sort. What it is, is a chance to make as much income as you are willing to work for. It will take plenty of hard work to get started, but fortunately The Wealthy Affiliate program will supply you with the training and the tools you need to get going. And these are Free.

Did you Know? There are more than 3.5 BILLION people online?

They are constantly looking for information and products of various kinds and they are not afraid to buy them online, despite the scam stories that abound.

Indeed, purchasing this way, some say, will lead to the demise of the huge department stores, malls, and even some big box stores, and that means even more items will more than likely be available for Affiliates to sell and make a commision (money).

The way more and more businesses are advertising their wares is by using AFFILIATE MARKETING.   Keep this term in mind because we will refer to it many times.


This is the way producers of a product sell their items through people just like YOU and are willing to pay you to promote their merchandise. All sorts of products are sold this way, from kitchen gadgets, to books, to machinery and appliances, electronics and much more.

This is not a new business model, there have been affiliates for ages, your insurance broker is an affiliate for example, and is affiliated with several Insurance Companies and that is why he can offer you the best fit for your needs.

I know you are wondering how these people get into this business, and it is a huge business. Some are making thousands per month and others have made millions doing just that. It is quite simple to get started and I am going to tell YOU how to get started, and the best thing is it takes No Investment to do it. Most things are FREE to get started.

Signing up to be an AFFILLIATE is FREE.

You can run an Affiliate business with your smart phone.

You can use E-mail, or use Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

But the best way is to have your very own WEBPAGE and use all of these methods. How many people do you know? And how many do They know, and pretty soon you have thousands of potential customers, some of whom are looking for the exact product YOU are affiliated with.

And some of them will buy that product and YOU will get a check in the mail.

When I started looking at this, the first thing I thought of was to get some Affiliates lined up; so I did. I went to a free site called CLICKBANK where they have thousands of business looking for people willing to help sell their products online, from home.

And I signed up for a few businesses looking for Affiliates and were willing to PAY ME to get people to go to their websites and buy what they were selling.

After I got these arrangements made I put some of the advertisements the companies provided on Facebook, But didn’t get the results I was hoping for.

So I started looking around at websites and I found several that would sell you a Domain for usually less then twenty dollars.

Then you need Hosting which is available for less than five dollars per month, and includes a free website building system like WordPress.

But then I found one which not only offered a Free Domain Name, a website you can easily build and free web hosting plus free WordPress.

What I found was a website so full of information it could almost be called a University of Website Knowledge. It is called  The Wealthy Affiliate. Tou will find out more as you read on.

As well they also offer the best tutoring and teaching aids I have ever come across. with the first 10 courses free. They will show every step of how to get your Domain and website built and operating in less than a day, and then walk you through the whole process of promoting and finding YOUR customers.

The first thing to do is go to Clickbank. and look around at the affiliate programs that are available and see that they ARE free and they will show you what they are willing to pay you if you send someone to them. You can sign up for as many as you want, but each one will take your time to properly promote, so choose wisely.

You don’t need to choose right now, you can come back anytime.  Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to choose in their first course.

Then your second move should be to go to Wealthy Affiliate  and sign up for Free.

You will get:

  1. Two free Domains (and these remain free forever)
  2. Two free websites built on the Word Press module which is the most relied upon web builder in the world
  3. You will automatically become a Wealthy Affiliate affiliate and be able to promote this program as well as any others you may choose

I will become your PERSONAL MENTOR and help you with as much as I can (I am not an expert at this by any means) but there are several thousand other people in this community that are, and will also help you for the asking.

The courses that are provided are very easy to follow along as they are presented in videos and text.

Following chart shows”> the complete Wealthy Affiliate offer:

Starter Package
Starter Package

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