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About Me and Making Retirement Great

Hello Everyone

My name is Ray and I am a Retiree.

Heh heh, sounds like the beginning of an AA meeting, right?  Well, I do have a story.

I worked for over 50 years (I am now 76) and I am a Canadian, I have lived my whole life in Alberta and don’t regret a single second of that.

Sometimes I made good money and other times not so good. In any event when it came time to think about retirement I registered for the CPP that I had paid into ever since it began and was dismayed to find the pitiful allowance the Government decided I deserved. It wasn’t enough to even rent decent housing.

I was foolish enough to decide to use the money I had saved over the years and bought a condo at the age of 65, thinking I would sell it after a few years and make my money back plus some profit to help ease things a bit. (what kind of idiot would give a 65 yr old man a $200K 40 yr mortgage?) Well I had no problem getting one.

I was still working at 74 years and things weren’t too bad, I was able to cover my mortgage due to the low interest rates by my CPP and OAS and only dip into savings for food and other necessities.

Then came the latest recession and my employer decided they could do without my services and I was laid off. That’s when I knew I had to find an income source or end up on the street. I knew no-one was going to hire a man of my age for anything like what I had done all my life and being somewhat familiar with computers, although I had no formal training with them, I started searching for a way to make some income.

My first venture was into an internet store, thinking I could get people to buy things from China at wholesale prices and have them shipped directly to the customer. The problem was the shipping time, up to 6 weeks for some things. Needless to say, people were less than enthused with the drop shipping concept and I was just throwing money away every month with charges for this and charges for that until I shut that down.

I knew that thousands of people were making good money with their computers and I kept looking. I was almost broke by this time and looked for something that didn’t need a bunch of money to start with. After looking at many, many schemes and ideas, some of which were just out and out scams like most of the make-money-at-home ones, I finally found one that is absolutely Free forever if you want, and yet has a major money making opportunities if one is willing to work at it.

That’s where you and I and others like us can excel. We know how to work since we have spent most of our lives doing it, we are not stupid and we can learn, we have done that all our lives as well, and best of all we have lots of TIME to do it.

I will be introducing and explaining this exciting program in my next posting. Introduction and Details of Affiliate Marketing

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